The Week I Accepted An Offer For My 4Runner

This Week:

  • I accepted an offer for my 4Runner!
  • What does my storage unit look like after a year of van life?
  • Why was getting a haircut a highlight from my week?

June 2023


Where In The World Was I?

  • Denver, CO

4Runner Update – Offer Accepted

Let’s start with the juicy updates.

TL;DR – Met with 2 new potential buyers. Received 2 offers. Accepted one. Title hasn’t been signed yet, but should be this week.

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This week was freakin’ madness.

All my leads had dried up and I hadn’t met with anyone in like 2 weeks. So, I decided to update the listing price down from $31,750 to $29,995 and added a little section at the top to address any concerns with it being on the market for 3+ weeks.

I think by Wednesday I had 2 new messages from people that wanted to meet and check it out in person.

But here’s where the madness started…

So I had scheduled one meeting for Thursday afternoon.

In that time, the second buyer also wanted to schedule a meeting. I told him I had another interested buyer, but I could try to squeeze him in on Friday.

He said he was really interested and looking to potentially buy, saying that he’d be willing to do my listed price of $30,000.

WOW, okay, this is getting juicy.

Thursday’s appointment went well! They liked it a lot, but needed to contact their bank first for a loan before being able to firmly put in an offer. I told them there was another buyer and they offered $30k. They said they’d most likely be willing to match that.

They messaged me saying they were extremely interested in it and started envisioning driving around already. I could tell they really wanted it.

By the next morning, this first buyer went to the bank, their bank had some complications with the $30k valuation, not exactly seeing the same value of upgrades that I was seeing.

At the end of the day, they said the most they could do would be $28,500.

I thought to myself, damn okay, I’m actually good with $28,500 at this point, but the only reason I don’t instantly accept this is because another buyer literally told me they’d do $30k.

By the evening, the second buyer’s meeting rolled around.

Another typical meetup. This buyer was a lot more laid back though and didn’t openly express as much interest as the first buyer. He was interested though, just I didn’t get the sense he was urgently interested.

I told him about the first buyer and he said he’d be willing to do $30k.

The only complication… He also needed to get financing and talk to his bank, so he needed another day before putting in a firm offer.

Knowing what the first buyer just went through with their banks valuation, the fact that he said he’d offer $30k kind of meant nothing to me. I needed an offer after talking to a bank.

Here’s where things get interesting…

I had a feeling the first buyer was quite upset and disappointed that the most they could offer was $1500 lower than what I was asking.

They wrote back saying by Saturday morning they were gonna go check out some other 4Runners and to let them know if I get an update from the second buyer before then.

This put me in a pickle.

I had an offer that I’d normally instantly accept, except I needed to wait for the morning to get a final offer from the second buyer.

But knowing the bank process the first buyer went through, I had low confidence that they’d end up being able to get a loan for the full $30,000.

Friday night I just couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking about what the hell I do in this situation.

I need to wait until the second buyer’s offer to make a final decision, but what if the first buyer bails on me before the second buyer can get back to me, and their offer ends up lower than $28,500. I’m gonna be kicking myself if that happens and it’s looking like it could happen.

Here’s a 30 second view of that night’s thoughts…

I woke up Saturday morning and listened to my gut.

There were a lot more details in this, so I did a full breakdown of my decision, assigned probabilities and some math, and wrote out my full decision.

I messaged the first buyer saying I accepted their $28,500 offer.

It wasn’t until late morning that I heard back from the second buyer.

And like clockwork, they said the most they could offer was $28,000. Their bank wouldn’t loan them more than that.

I read that situation like a goddamn BOOK.

I declined the second buyer’s offer, but what happened next was NOT part of my full logical decision breakdown.

They responded saying they asked their family to loan them the extra $2,000 to offer the full $30,000 I was asking…

A total curveball.

At this point it was too late.

The probability of this happening was so low, I did NOT consider that.

There will always be what-ifs, and I’ve already noticed my mind thinking about those what-ifs…

But at the end of the day, I’m still happy with $28,500 and I preferred to do business with this first buyer anyways.

Sure, it’s unfortunate I might have missed out on an extra $1500, but I think I made the right decision, at the right time, given the probabilities and information I had available.

What’s Next?

So, I’ve already accepted a $500 deposit from the buyer I’m working with and they’ve told me the timeline their bank needs to get this completed.

I’m feeling a lot more confident about this deal than the previous one that fell through a couple weeks ago because they’ve already gone to their bank. It’s just a matter of finishing the loan process, not finding a loan.

An offer submitted after going to the bank is a LOT stronger than one before going to a bank (if not paying cash).

The current plan is that by sometime mid-week, we’ll meet up to sign the title over and this whole process will be over with 😌

Things change quickly! I have a feeling getting the listing price under $30,000 opened up the listing to searches <$30,000, which was just what I needed.

First Storage Unit Run

Early this week I stopped by my storage unit to start going through things I didn’t need anymore.

I have a full checklist of almost every single thing in my storage unit and where it’s located. This is one of those things that was ABSOLUTELY worth the upfront time to create.

I went through that checklist and flagged each item as trash, recycle, donate, sell, family, etc.

There was a LOT in there that was literally pointless to keep around… Story of my life.

What a cathartic process 😌

Whoop! Whoop!

In an effort to reinvest in my health and with some inspiration from Bryan Johnson‘s Blueprint protocol, I bought a Whoop fitness/health wearable.

I also bought some health tests (pace of aging test and NAD test), but my results haven’t come back yet.

I’ve been loving it so far!

One of the most peculiar insights I’ve seen so far is that (with ~90% confidence) every single time I drive somewhere, my stress metric spikes… I knew driving took focus, but I was NOT expecting it to spike that much. Wild.

ALSO, I knew I was on to something 3 years ago when I change my sleep schedule to get a consistent 9hrs of sleep every night. I KNEW IT.

Never going back.

More insights to come soon.

I Got A Haircut

Yes, this is indeed one of my highlights from the week.

I had it on my todo-list to get a haircut before meeting with 4Runner buyers, like 4 weeks ago…

But that didn’t happen.


This week when I finally scheduled another meeting with a buyer.

I thought, eh, it’s pretty bad, lol, it’s time.

I went to Sport Clips this time and was impressed! They gave me a complementary shampoo and massage since it was my first time, and had a lovely conversation with the woman cutting my hair!

I think it turned out well! Way better than I could’ve done at this length…

More Backfilled Photos!

I spent a bunch of time this week continuing to backfill photos from my old Instagram page to my website. I got back through to 2020 when I started taking photos in San Francisco. I just have a couple more from when I was in college, then I’ll be done!

Here are some good ones:

Like last week, you can see explore the photos at

  • Scroll down until the very end of the page (currently don’t have a better option to jump around yet)
  • Explore via the map (majority from California bay area, some Colorado)
  • Filter posts via the tags

This Week’s Coffee Shops

  • Frank & Roze x2
  • Stylus & Crate
  • Griffin Coffee
  • Devil’s Cup Coffee – haven’t been here in a year!
  • House of CoPa

I have so many photos from these places… But here’s Devil’s Cup!

Food From The Week

Selfies From The Week

What’s Next?

WELL, the time has (almost) come!

Clearing the storage unit and tidying some final things up!

Maybe just another 2ish weeks here in Denver?? 👀


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