When Van Life Leads To Unexpected Connections

This Week:

  • We just made a HUGE sale!
  • The spontaneous and unexpected connections of van life.
  • Reliving the 2021 photos that gave me the travel bug.

June 2023


Where In The World Was I?

  • Denver, CO

Continuing To Blow My Money On Clothes


The hope is that I won’t have to buy any more clothes for a couple years…

Selling The 4Runner – Progress Update

TL;DR: Another slow week, but I do have a new lead as of today (Sunday).

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So uh, from last week,

Will this upcoming week be the one?

Not yet… 😅 I thought it would be though.

Last Sunday, the buyer that I was going to meet up with bailed before meeting. I think I had 2 others that messaged but they either decided not to meet up or didn’t offer as much as I wanted.

Mid-week after nothing much else happened, I reached back out to the potential buyer I met with about a week ago that said to keep him in mind.

His budget wasn’t exactly what I wanted, so I knew we’d have to do some negotiating, but I was prepared to get a deal done and check this off the list.

I figured he’d spent the last week checking out some other 4Runners like he said he would, so I sent him a message.

Within about an hour or two I noticed that he had seen my message.

But it stayed like that… all day…

I thought, hmm, interesting, he still hasn’t responded, but he’s seen the message.

A part of me thought, maybe he’s like oh man Peter reached back out and he wants to do a deal, okay lemme figure out what needs to happen.

But the next day I had someone message me asking if the 4Runner was still available.

I guess it is, well, no, it’s not, because if this guy is in to the deal, then I’m just gonna sell it to him, but I guess if he doesn’t respond, then it is still available? I needed a response soon, so I sent another message saying how I understood if he needed time to think it through and that I could give him more time, but that I just needed to know if he’s still even interested at ALL.

Like, just tell me if you’re not interested.

Within an hour or two I saw he read my message…

No response.

By the end of the second day I was quite confused…

I met this guy in person, he stated that he was genuinely interested and to keep him in mind, but that he wasn’t quite ready to pounce on something. I reach out about a week later and just pure silence? Not even a “Hey thanks for reaching out but I’m not interested anymore”

Did he think I was scamming him? Did he feel disrespected for trying to sell it to someone else or that I waited a week?

I felt a little disrespected and betrayed myself since he literally told me he was interested in doing a deal at the right price. Like what happened?

I have no clue…

But, I guess it doesn’t matter, because 2 days after that I got an email reply to my craigslist ad for someone genuinely interested in checking out the 4Runner in person. We haven’t met yet as of this post, but we’re scheduled to meet up today.

Spontaneous Moments Of Van Life

So about just about 3 months ago in Salt Lake City, Utah, I added window tint to my back windows.

But there was a problem.

Since the back windows are curved, the right window tint puckered when I installed it (it was the first one I did).

I did the proper install (cutting into strips) on the left window, but I was just so brain-dead by the end of the installation that I just left the right window as-is. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t that noticeable unless you were pretty close.

I kept the squeegee and scraper in my van with the intention of eventually returning them.

But I ALSO had the intention that ONE DAY I’d re-do the right window tint and properly install it.

It was bugging me because it wasn’t perfect (or rather, the right was 80% good when the left was 95% good)…

Well, fast forward to this week, the 90 day return policy was coming up in a couple days and I was near a Home Depot to return them.

But as I sat in the parking lot, I thought, man this doesn’t make any sense to return these if I’m just gonna buy them again to redo the tint…

So after some contemplation, I decided to scrap returning them, bite the bullet (and 2-3 hrs of time) and just redo the right window tint.

Finally, after 3 months of this task on my todo list, I finally got it done.

Ahhhh, that’s better 🙂

BUT that’s not even the best part of this story.

Literally as I had just finished and put my tools back in my toolkit, I was standing at the back of the van, and this guy pulls up alongside and goes “is that van converted!?”

I turn around and go “yep”

He goes, “that’s awesome!”

45 minutes of great conversation later…

45 minutes.

Forty-five minutes.

We had such a great conversation!

He was interested in buying something similar and was asking what type of van I’d recommend. I showed him the inside as we talked about vans, travel, work, and so much more.

Man, I left that conversation with a smile on my face.

Who knew such a little moment could turn into such a highlight of my day, and a highlight of my entire week.

We’re RICH 🤑

Okay not really… But something crazy happened this week!

The past couple weeks have been quite interesting observing where my focus and energy has been going. If I had to graph it, it’d look almost exactly like:

Selling the 4Runner is essentially the next major blocking item in travel planning, so it’s kind of just a waiting game right now.

But that means I’ve freed up some focus to jump back on the Twitter/Business train.

Thankfully, my brother has picked up the slack I’ve left and was crucial in helping put together this second offer document. That’s one of the invaluable advantages I’m learning about working with a partner in your venture…

This week, we wrapped up our second offer! 15 Outperforming Tweet Formats: Backed-up by data

I posted a thread with what our original direction was, why we pivoted, how we got here, what we put in the document, why we put those in the document, and everything in between:

… and started linking tweets to the new landing page: https://deals.petermeglis.com/outperforming-tweet-formats

We’ve gotten a couple sales so far (2 of those are us I think), but marketing is obviously an ongoing process.

BUT in other news…

One morning I was sitting in a coffee shop, crafting some tweets when I got an email…


And that’s for our offer #1, not this one I just posted!

All I can say is, making money detached from your time is… extremely liberating.

To know that I created enough value for someone to pay for an asset we created weeks ago and I didn’t have to do anything else besides maybe mention it online…

Just imagine, this, but at scale… That’s the dream.

And the more often things like this 👆 happen, the more real that dream becomes.

What an amazing time to be alive.

Photos, Photos, And More Photos!

In an effort to achieve parity between my old Instagram photography page and my shiny new website, I’ve been adding photos from my Instagram posts to my website.

This week I added photos from around summer to fall of 2021:

  • Moving to Denver
  • Grand Tetons/Yellowstone summer road trip
  • Fall weekend trips

If you want to check out what I’ve added to https://petermeglis.com/photography/, you can:

  • Scroll down until the end (currently don’t have a better option to jump around yet)
  • Explore via the map (Colorado & Wyoming)
  • Filter posts via the tags

This Week’s Coffee Shops

  • 2914 Coffee x3
  • Brew Culture Coffee
  • Stylus & Crate x2
  • Griffin Coffee

What’s Next

See last week’s answer 🙂


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