Look, I just want a fulfilling life, but nobody ever teaches you how to do that.

So in 2022 I learned how to do it myself.

I flipped my life upside down based on a hypothesis. A hypothesis that would make me stop wasting my life and start living with intention.

Did it work? You’ll find the answer here.

Right now I’m backpacking in Southeast Asia (see exactly where on my live travel map 🌎)

Who Am I?

I’ve been graced with an uncontrollable urge to document my life. That is what you’ll find here on my website.

Sometimes this urge leads me to waste my time, but other times it creates a trail of memories that I look back upon with a smile on my face – a smile that’s priceless.

I followed the traditional path of life through college and beyond, getting good grades and becoming a software engineer. But, I found myself on a path that was being decided by someone else – grades, promotions, bonuses, etc.

So in 2022 I took back control of my life.

I quit my job and moved out of my apartment in exchange for full-time life on the road, a life full of discomfort, growth, and intention.

Here’s a quick two-minute peek into that life:

I spend most of my time exploring, learning how I should operate my life, and documenting everything I can for my future self, the one who’s 80 years old sitting in his rocking chair reflecting on a life full of stories and memories.

But that barely scratches the surface.

If you want the full story, check out My Story for a look into the unexpected journey that brought me here.

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