The Week I Finally Sold My 4Runner!

This Week:

  • I finally sold my 4Runner!!!
  • What’s my next major project then?
  • How is the rest of the travel planning going?

June 2023


Where In The World Was I?

  • Denver, CO

The Last 4Runner Update – IT’S DONE!!

Wow. It’s officially over.

Last week I said by mid-week the buyer would close. Turns out the bank was able to do it Monday. Things change quickly!

The final goodbye:

I met them at their bank and waited while they signed their loan documents. Then, I went in and signed a couple documents, handed over the title to the bank, handed over my key to the buyer, and receive their check!

And just like that, it was all over.

Weeks of preparation, months of mental space and procrastination, all for that moment.

I mobile deposited my check and within 2 days all the money was cleared and ready to go!

That was the last piece of this puzzle, getting a verified payment, and we did it!

Man does it feel good to finally be done with this process! I’ve learned so much from it, but boy was I excited to be done with it.

I’ve unlocked some of the locked sections of the previous blog posts talking more in depth about this process, if you want a deeper look into my mindset the past couple weeks.

Taking The Looong Way Back

So getting back to the van was quite the adventure.

I was stuck between paying $25 for a 25 min Lyft – quick and easy – and paying $3 for a ~2 hour ride(s) on public transit.

There was something alluring about riding the light rail back. It wasn’t really about the money. It wasn’t about taking public transit back.

Particularly with everything I’ve been watching about transit and urbanism, and having the Netherlands on my travel list, I kinda just wanted a little taste of good transit.

So, I waited about 15 min to hop on a bus that took me to the nearest light rail stop, took a little 10 min walk while I waited, then hopped on the light rail.

I transferred 2 times to other lines, then was dropped off about 2 blocks from my van.

It took about 2 hrs door to door, but I got a little 10 min walk in and it was super seamless and easy.

Would I do it again? To be honest, yeah.

Next Project: The Storage Unit

Wow it felt good to cross off “Finish selling the 4Runner” from my todo-list.

The next major item? The storage unit.

Pictured below:

  • Left – 1 year ago, June 2022.
  • Right – yesterday, Saturday June 17th, 2023.

It doesn’t look like that much, but I’ve taken 3 major hauls of stuff to Goodwill, recycling, and the trash. All stuff I just haven’t used in a year and for such niche uses they’re not worth keeping.

I thought it was almost certain I’d need a trailer to haul across the country, but now I’m feeling pretty confident I’ll be able to fit everything in the van, which is huge.

The next item that I’m feeling quite a lot of friction with is listing a bunch of my bigger stuff for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

  • Sofa
  • Dresser
  • Standing desk
  • Yellow wooden table
  • Toaster oven
  • Ski roof rack
  • Printer
  • Instant pot
  • Air fryer

To be honest, I’m feeling a little burnt out from messaging with and meeting with buyers on Facebook Marketplace. Maybe that’s obvious by the beginning of this post 😅

I feel bad throwing/giving money away (like for things worth $100+), but anything I can’t sell may just end up at Goodwill or the trash… There’s only so much room I have in my van, which, oh by the way… is also MY HOME.

Other Stuff

Travel Planning / Clothing Updates

Still working on finishing up my pre-travel wardrobe updates.

My Health Diving Into The Trash

The past couple weeks I’ve really sacrificed my health. Lots of days dropping everything to drive out to the 4Runner to meet with buyers and such. I’ve been skipping my gym sessions, many times skipping meals because I just don’t have the time, and have dropped a couple pounds in weight.

I’ve liked tracking my weight because it acts as a progress bar for bulking up. But at the same time, it’s incredibly de-motivating when I step on the scale and see I’ve dropped 7lbs from what I was a week or two ago…

It feels weird to say because so many people have trouble LOSING weight, but I’m having trouble GAINING weight… Frankly, losing weight is too easy. I literally have to try to gain weight. I don’t understand 😅 (I mean, I guess I do understand because I intermittent fast every day 🤷‍♂️. Tradeoffs…)

That’s the WRONG direction buddy… 👆 Go back up.

In other news, the Arvada Anytime Fitness moved and the new gym is hella nice. Wow.

Business Updates

On the business front, we’re still in it! It’s just been slower. This week I’ve been continuing to be consistent posting tweets and have been sending a couple DMs to people that we’ve included in this second offer as a way to hopefully provide them some value in exchange for them checking it out and giving us feedback. Nothing has skyrocketed off the charts yet…

We’ll probably start on our next offer soon.

Some Website Updates

I’ve been working on some updates to my website this week.

  • Finished adding ALL my past Instagram posts to my photography page.

Some notables:

And the very first photo I posted to Instagram:

  • Updated ALL my past Life Update post names/titles from “Life Update [date]” to something that happened that week.
    • Shoutout to my brother for the idea.


  • Added a basic landing page for so it wouldn’t be a 403 error.
  • (Behind the scenes) Consolidated all my AWS resources into one account.
    • I had things spread between 2 different accounts, so I migrated everything to one and downsized my EC2 instance that hosts my website to a region and on an instance type that was about 75% cheaper… Hopefully fewer mental headaches for the coming travels!

Lastly, I have some updates to the website theme in the works, so stay tuned for a fresh new look soon! 👀

Coffee Shops

  • House of CoPa
  • Thump
  • Frank & Roze
  • Wash Perk
  • 2914 Coffee
  • Sweet Bloom (Arvada)
  • Sweet Bloom (Westminster)

Nice to switch things up and get back to Sweet Bloom! They have fantastic coffee shops!

What’s Next?

Last things to do are sell my big items from the storage unit. I’ve gone through everything else and should be able to pack it up in my van once ready!


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