The Week I Found My Limits In Portland, Oregon

September 2022



Addicted to what?? Exhausted from what??

  • Adding security upgrades to the van
  • Heading south to Portland, OR
  • Meeting back up with Colleen and Troubadour
  • Finding my limits
  • Exploring Hood River, OR


  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Hood River, OR

Laundry Without The Fiasco

Pay via app, gosh, it’s just so boring…

Adding Security To The Van

Before heading down to Portland I decided to add a little extra security to the van. From what I had been reading, it seemed like if I were gonna do anything, it would be now. I feel very fortunate to have not had any issues thus far.

5 hours, one broken drill bit, and many, many trips to Home Depot later, the final product:

Basically what I did was chain both front doors to the seat blocks, as well as chain the two rear doors together. So now, even if any of those doors are unlocked, you still can’t fully open them.

It’s in no way perfect… But I just wanted a little something more, a little extra deterrent in case anything happened. Regardless, I feel proud of myself for accomplishing what I set out to accomplish. Home Depot is NOT my happy place and I had no instruction manual to follow, just an idea from online and some creative brainpower.

I rewarded myself with some boba, lol, and boy did that taste good. I mean I don’t think I’m addicted to boba… Oh just you wait, he says.

Off To Portland!

I never stopped to get a good picture, but Mt. Rainier is SO cool to see in the distance. It’s 14,411′ tall and most of the Seattle area is about sea level, so it just absolutely towers over the horizon. It’s hard to capture the true scale in a picture.

When I got to Portland, it turns out Colleen and Troubadour were still there! We caught up a bit on the numerous things we’ve done and places we’ve been before they headed out.

I had a Jianbing (like a crepe sandwich) at the Bing Mi Food Truck for lunch and it was absolutely stellar. I got boba after. Okay I swear I’m not addicted.

Finding My Limits

The next 2.5 days (Wednesday/Thursday/half of Friday) I spent exploring Portland via coffee shops, boba places, and libraries.

I pushed pretty hard. Those days looked a lot like:

  • 6:30am wake up
  • 20min drive into the city
  • Work at a coffee shop from ~7:15am until around 12pm
  • Lunch, grab some boba, walk around a park/neighborhood
  • Find a library
  • Work from ~2:30pm until ~5:30pm
  • Drive 30min to Anytime Fitness
  • Work out for ~1 hr
  • Squeeze some food in
  • Find a spot to sleep
  • Crash at 9:30pm




^ That food is from Eem – SUPER good Thai place.

Addicted to boba, you say? Pshh nah

I did tons of journaling, got around to editing/scheduling Olympic National Park photo posts, and drafted a couple blog posts.

Here’s one:

The flow was incredible and I felt great about the progress I was making, but by Friday afternoon I was exhausted. I can’t remember the last time I was in a singular spot for more than half a day (i.e. camping) … I think the last time was camping at Beckler River from this post:

Along with a lot of physical moving around, I’ve been wrestling with some foundational ideas lately. I had been listening to a lot of content that I’ve been trying to reconcile. I drafted a post capturing some of those in-the-moment thoughts that I’ll probably post once things cool down a little.

A Sprinkle Of Nature

I headed east up the Columbia River and on Saturday, hiked up to check out Wahkeena and Multnomah Falls

Hood River

I spent the rest of Saturday checking out Hood River (famous wind surfing town) that has a great downtown area. It reminds me a lot of Durango, CO.

I ate at Modern Taco and it was reeeeally good.

I closed out the night heading south near Mt. Hood to camp and subsequently slept for 13 hours in the forest… 🙂


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  1. I am bouncing all over your calendar, but I am enjoying your photos immensely. And the journaling gives us a glimpse of what it’s like out there on the open road/trail.

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