Skiing Copper Mountain Completely Alone


  • I was NOT supposed to be here…
  • Unbelievable pow day in the trees at Vail
  • Timetable for a day in the life
  • Check your bread, folks

December 2022


Where In The World Was I?

  • Frisco, CO
  • Copper Mountain, CO
  • Vail, CO
  • Frisco, CO
  • Denver, CO

I Was NOT Supposed To Be Here…

It’s 8:45am, I’m skiing an inch of fresh snow over perfectly groomed corduroy, and there are zero people on the trail.


Not even like a handful.


I was the only one.

Let’s rewind 30 minutes.

I’m at Copper Mountain. I’ve made my way over to the Super Bee lift (on the east side). This lift take you all the way up to the top, whereas if you take American Eagle, you have to get off, then get on to Excelerator to get to the same place Super Bee takes you.

This is the same lift that the U.S. ski team uses, so there were lots of other skiers getting ready, stretching, and hopping on the lift.

It was about 8:30am. The lifts were running. I did my warm up stretches.

I checked the lift and saw some other non-ski team looking people heading up, so I made my way to the gate to the lift.

Before I even get to the gate to scan my pass, the guy behind the gate opens it and lets me through.

Confused, I say, “Oh did it scan?”

He looks at me behind his sunglasses but doesn’t respond.

“That went through?” I say.

He continues to make no change in facial expression.

“I’m good?” I say one more time, now awkwardly standing there.

No response.

“Cool cool.” I say under my breath as I turn and hop on the lift.

“Bruh what just happened” I laughed to myself.

I get off the lift at the top and start skating over to the top of the run.

But something feels off.

The other lift, Excelerator is running, but I don’t see anyone on it.

Fresh snow, no tracks, perfectly groomed.

I make it to the bottom where I try to continue down past the Excelerator lift and do a top-to-bottom run.

But a mountain employee stops me, “hey sorry the trail down is closed” he says.

“Oh, so I just have to take Excelerator back up?” I ask.

“Yeah just until the mountain opens at 9am, you got 15 minutes” He says.

“Oh gotcha” I respond.

Wait. It hits me… “I’m not supposed to be here right now” 😅

I take the lift back up and proceed to lap 3 or 4 more times as the only skier on the trail.

Literally the only one.

There was no one else there besides me.

It was a mixture of pure gratitude and feeling incredibly awkward…

What an experience and some beautiful turns.

Hitting A Rut

The rest of the day was… interesting…

Things felt off, I lost my focus, I lost the joy of skiing, things just felt dull.

I take responsibility for it, it was my fault. I’m learning.

I decided to look forward and focus on the fundamentals – walking, meditating (twice), reading.

The next day I felt way better, almost like magic.

Vail Powder Fails

Pow day at Vail.

I decided to break out my GoPro and give it a go recording some skiing. The sticky mount was no longer sticky and my helmet is too big for the head mount so what did I do instead? Put the mount in my mouth 😅. It actually worked decently well.

There were some nice falls in the powder that day. I had a blast.

I ended up spending about 4 hours that night start to finish editing together my DailyV 👇

I skipped dinner and worked into some of my sleep time, but I specifically want to reward the fact that I took action and executed.

I could’ve opted for “balance” and stopped halfway to continue the edit the next morning. Who knows how things would’ve been different, but execution and action is something I want to reward.

I think small wins needs to be rewarded.

Back On The Grind

Wednesday through Saturday I hopped back on the ☕️ grind.

  • Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters (Frisco) – the Kindle Highlight Parser script that’ll hopefully save me time in the future
  • Stylus & Crate (Denver) – researched problem/need validation through YouTube community posts
  • Thump Coffee (Denver) – separated out the offer content and started outlining the storyline/script
  • Brew Culture Coffee (Denver) – continued the storyline/script, scraped my YouTube history from 2021 for Jack

📒 Day In The Life

  • 6:30am – wake, affirmations (if I remember right away), brush, stretch
  • 6:50am – hit the road
  • 7am/7:15am – coffee shop
  • 7am(ish) – 12pm(ish) – work
    • 10m – gardening
    • 5m – gratitude journaling
    • 5-10m – reminders, goals, affirmations, learnings, storytelling
    • 90m – deep work; offer work
    • ~5m – break, stand, sunlight
    • 30-60m – deep/focus work
    • 60m+ – note creation, book notes, ideation, open time, etc.
  • 12pm(ish) – lunch snack, YouTube
  • Mid afternoon (2pm/3pm/4pm) – gym for 90m(ish)
  • 5pm/6pm – dinner, more YouTube, chillin’
  • 7pm(ish) – read, 30min(plus or minus), sometimes a 20m meditation sesh
  • 8pm – drive to place I’ll camp/park/sleep
  • ~8:30/8:40/8:50pm – meditation (if I didn’t earlier)
  • 9pm – bedtime routine – brush, floss, journal
  • 9:30pm – affirmations, sleep

It’s felt good to get back in the gym. That’s one thing I miss about being up in the mountains.

Some Dieting Learnings

  • Don’t eat a big snack after working out at 4pm right before dinner – I ended up skipping dinner…
  • Budget-friendly bulking hack, courtesy of Alex Hormozi – peanut butter and bread
  • Tempeh veggie stir fry is 🔥💯
  • Check your bread for added sugar

5g of added sugar in a SINGLE SLICE of bread??? WTF. Stay awake out there folks.


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