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Below is a note taken from my journal. I created this as a plan, a guide, a reminder on how I want to frame and create content.

Hope you get some value out of it.

Anything related to content I produce.


  • I’m just an enthusiast, not an expert
  • I’m helping teach my past self
  • Just document, not create
  • Keep it atomic, one story or message
  • Contextualize, be specific
  • Be patient with results
  • The goal is the action, not views or subscribers.
    • Publishing a video.
    • Practicing a skill – communication, storytelling, rapport.
  • How can I polarize people with what I’m about to say?
  • Speaking 100% from my experience and perspective
  • Help educate my audience on who I truly am?


  • To show my process and journey, to have every step documented
  • To show you can overcome the obstacles you’re facing
  • To leave with a tactic you can also use
  • To leave questioning a belief or obstacle
  • To leave feeling more confident you can achieve your goal

Content ideas


  • What did I just learn that’s helping me?
  • What did I just read/learn/hear that challenges a belief I hold?
  • What’s something I’m trying out? Why did I start? What have I learned so far?
  • What’s an action I’ve taken that’s produced a benefit?
  • What’s a problem I’ve just recently solved? What’s something I was previously struggling with? Previously thinking about?
  • What’s something that’s been a waste of time lately?
  • What’s something I wish I had right now that I could give others?
  • What’s something Jack is interested in right now? What have I learned about that?
  • What book did I just finish? How can I synthesize my learnings?
  • What’s a skill I’m trying to learn right now? Where am I at now? What have I learned? What do I need to improve?
  • What’s a comment or some opinion I just read/heard? What are my beliefs? What have I learned?
  • What’s a process I’ve been following lately? How can I share my system/process for something?

Processing Thoughts

  • What idea or thought do I need to process?
  • What’s something I can question and talk through? Why? Why do we do this? Why is this a certain way?


  • What’s a problem I’m currently facing?
  • What’s a character flaw that just presented itself that I can share?
  • What authenticity can I share that’s relevant?
  • What’s something transparent I can share to build emotional connection, rapport, relatability?
  • What’s a fear that recently presented itself?
  • What’s something you didn’t know about me? What’s something I just learned about myself?
  • Pick something from Everything I Know About Myself or #personal


  • Loss and redemption hardship
  • Us vs. Them polarization
  • Before and After transformation
  • Amazing discovery – how it’s helped me and can help you
  • Secret-telling
  • Third-person testimonial

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