Why I’m Anti-Breakfast


  • Another unexpected shift in the plans, but this time was different
  • Days 3-6 back up in the mountains
  • Why I’m against breakfast
  • The transformational moment that immediately had cascading effects

November 2022


Where In The World Was I?

  • Denver, CO
  • Keystone, CO
  • Vail, CO
  • Copper Mountain, CO
  • Denver, CO

Calling An Audible

Monday took a sharp turn.

I planned on heading back up to the mountains to ski Monday morning, but after a series of questions and decisions (that’d take too long to explain), I decided to just stick around on for the day. My whole day was more or less turned upside down because what I had envisioned was no longer happening.

I ended up at Sweet Bloom to attempt to get some work done.

I finished up curating my notes from The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. BUT, that wasn’t the most important takeaway from this morning.

The most important takeaway I had was proving to myself that I could still focus even if I don’t show up to a coffee shop first thing in the morning.

I showed up at around 8:30am instead of 7am AND I decided to start up’ing my deep work sessions from 60min to 90min. It went very well. I think part of the reason was that I had a very concrete task that I was working on and knew when it would be finished.

I’ve had this belief in my mind that that 7am-9am time is sacred and I MUST work during that time or else I won’t be able to focus and my work session will just be a waste. I’ve also believed that as soon as I turn my Do Not Disturb off and read phone notifications, my focus has essentially been tossed in the garbage. I usually hold off doing this until noon most day.

This week I started to make some really important shifts (particularly in my mindset) that I’ll get into later in this post.

Keystone – The Warm Up

Alas, we made it.

Vail Day 1 – Back At It

First day back at Vail. They currently have the most open, so it was fun to ski more than just 1-2 runs 😄

Vail Day 2 – Freshies!

Oh. So. Good.

I had some of the best turns of the season here.

(Not) Intermittent Fasting

It took me approximately ONE DAY of not intermittent fasting for this realization.

I’ve been intermittent fasting for just over a year now. On any work (coffee shop) day – which have been most days, I’ll skip breakfast, only drink black coffee (no calories – cream, sugar, milk, etc.) and water until noon when I have lunch. The benefits have been quite incredible – increased focus, better mood, more convenient, etc.

But, one of the downsides to intermittent fasting for me has been trying to exercise/work out when fasted. I’ve found it really tough.

So, on ski days, I’ll make oatmeal in the morning to give me energy for the ski day. I haven’t tried it (yet?), but I just don’t think I could (or want to) ski while fasted.

After approximately ONE DAY back eating breakfast in the morning, I was reminded of why I love intermittent fasting so much.

By noon, after eating breakfast in the morning, the problem is, I’m only partially hungry. But, I know I “should eat” so I end up either procrastinating or trying to shove food in my mouth, neither feel good. Then after eating lunch, it feel like an instant goes by before I have to start thinking about dinner. When I eat 3 meals a day I just feel like I’m thinking about food, eating, and the next meal all the time and it’s exhausting.

The other thing is the change in energy. It’s amazing the energy and focus I feel when I skip breakfast. These days when I ate oatmeal before skiing, I just felt lethargic and tired as my body processed the food.

Shoutout to my brother for helping me get into intermittent fasting 💪

I’ll continue to eat breakfast on ski days, but I think the distinction was an important reminder why I continue to fast. That said, one of the biggest struggles I’ve had is trying to bulk while fasting. That, I still don’t have a good answer for.

New Mountain – Copper Mountain

It was my first day ever at Copper! Despite not having much open, I liked it. I’m excited to explore more of the mountain once they open up more terrain.

Back To Denver

I hopped back down to Denver to pick up stuff for my pipe heaters, get some work done, and let the weekend warriors get some turns in.

The Transformational Moment

This video captured a big transformation for me that had cascading effects the following days.

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Essentially what this comes down to is making changes to your life by starting with the most fundamental part: your beliefs and identity.

After that day I started a note called “I am a problem solver” and every day I’ve been adding problems that I’ve found (no matter how big or small) to them.

Becoming a “problem solver” has had cascading effects that I was not expecting to find.

THE NEXT DAY I had the idea to use one of the notes I created synthesizing ideas from MANY different books as the basis to start my learning process creating offers. Having a real example has made the books I’ve read/am reading completely transform. I’m excited to continue this process and share more value with others. In some ways, I feel a responsibility to share what I’m learning to help others transform their lives.

The last thing I have to say about this was that I’m starting to focus more on the higher output activities when I’m behind my laptop. If you read The #1 Thing I’m Changing From An Honest Audit Of My Own “Deep Work”, I think I’ve proven to myself that I can easily do 60 min deep work sessions and that it’s time to start doubling down harder on the activities that move the needle.

If I’m gonna be spending many of my days skiing this winter, the time I’ll have behind the laptop diminishes rapidly. Thus, what I work on in that time needs to be that much more valuable.

Just some things I’m thinking about.

BONUS Content

Some food from the week 🍲


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  1. Gorgeous ski shots and even your food shots look professional (they are SO hard to pull off).

    And three cheers for Intermittent Fasting! I have upped my protein to preserve and build muscle. I love it though!! Thank you and your bro for that hot tip. Six months in!

    Enjoy slaying those slopes. And thanks for sharing your adventure with us! ⭐️

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