The Week Of Unexpected Events In Idaho

Here’s a little highlight reel of the past week-ish (Monday July 25th to Saturday July 30th, 2022).

I think I’d like to have these posted on Sundays, that feels like a nice thing to have. Whether or not I actually write them on Sundays is a different question lol. Today is actually Tuesday the 2nd of August 🤫. Anyways, on to the highlights…

July 2022



  • Park City, UT
  • Twin Falls, ID
  • Stanley, ID

Last Day In Utah

And I spent it the best way I know how

Park City Coffee Roasters, Park City, UT

I made my first Life Update post here! I like this idea.

Twin Falls, Idaho

This is the first time I’ve been to Idaho!

Coffee Shops

Java – the one where I got the “grindset” motivation about publishing my second brain notes

College of Southern Idaho Library – (they don’t have coffee but they do have wifi ;), and a weird-looking building) the one where we crushed a couple Life Update posts

Twin Beans – the one where I set up an email newsletter on my website

Life Outside Of Coffee Shops

Does it even exist? I’m not sure 🤷‍♂️

New Water Filter Fiasco

“Takes only 30 minutes to install!” HAH. How does 4 hours sound?

I haven’t tended to do well with irreversible decisions and I can count on my hand the number of times I’ve used a drill. Oh and the connecting piece they gave didn’t fit my water lines so I spent about 2 hours lost in Home Depot. BUT, we got it done! Easy peasy.

The big reveal! Wait for it…

So what did we do to cope? Burgers.

My first Impossible Burger (left). I could barely tell the difference, not bad!

But the water filter gods came back to bless me. It just took a couple minutes for the water to make it through the filters.

And I present, the final product.

But don’t think that I was out of the clear just yet.

The pipes started leaking 😅. I wrapped the connection with sealing tape. I wrapped and wrapped for days but water somehow kept seeping out. After almost a whole role of sealing tape, it was like 98% fixed.

This little fiasco with the leaky water got me frustrated, or maybe “unstable” is a better word. There’s just something about this kind of friction where it’s with day-to-day life. I felt like the ground beneath me cracked open and I got swept into the ocean of chaos.

Oh you want to wash your hands? Oh you want to wash dishes? Oh you want some drinking water? How does a leaky pipe and a pool of water under your sink sound?

But, I was reminded of a quote I heard from a podcast snippet that went something like

A difficult life that YOU choose is far better than anything that was chosen for you.

Some guest on Danica Patrick’s podcast

I chose this life. I chose to install this water filter. There’s something grounding in that thought that I kept coming back to. I cooled off with some laundry and the gym.

Fast forward a couple days. It’s like 99% fixed, enough to make me forget about it.


MAN there’s nothing like a good sunset over a river canyon.

Twin Falls was intended to be a pit stop, but turned into 3 days 🤷‍♂️ Just goin’ with the flow. Up next?

Stanley, Idaho

What a beautiful place!

Sawtooth Valley Gathering Music Festival

So, like I usually do, I just showed up to Stanley with zero expectations and planning. On my was I saw a sign:

Population: 263

Ah yeah, so like a small town.

I turned the corner in Stanley to find it absolutely packed with people and RVs.

My face:

Turns out this weekend is a huge music festival that happens every year. People travel from all over for this weekend. And I just stumbled on in. LOL.

So, we listened to some music, watched the gorgeous sunset, and just chilled.

Other Stuff In Stanley

Made some tacos

Soaked in the hot springs

What’s Next



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