Things To Do In Stanley, Idaho

I won’t try to claim this is a comprehensive list after spending just a couple days in Stanley, but here are some of my notes!

Hot Springs

There are a couple public (free) hot springs pools just minutes from town next to the Salmon River. There’s also a hut with a hot springs hot tub, but it’s part of a hotel/motel/resort. They were quite warm!

I drove around a bit trying to figure out where to park. There’s parking on the west side of the river. I turned in by the Stanley Museum.

Spend The Afternoon At A Lake

I went to Stanley Lake for an afternoon and it was beautiful and relaxing! Swimming was cold but doable!

Stanley Pioneer Park

The park is on a hill so it’s great for views of the Sawtooth Mountains or for sunset!

Sawtooth Valley Gathering Music Festival

I just so happened to stumble into Stanley at the same time as this music festival! It’s a 4-day event in July with multiple stages, music all day, lots of food trucks, and camping options on-site. You can find out more at their website,


Cell service in Stanley is spotty, so if ya need it, grab some wifi outside in the courtyard of the Stanley Community Library (or inside when it’s open 🙂 ).

Things To Do Next Time

Things I thought about but didn’t get to.

Kayak or Paddleboard

Grab a kayak or paddleboard for an afternoon at the lake (Stanley Lake, Redfish Lake) or floating down the Salmon River.


Based on AllTrails, hiking to Sawtooth Lake seems like the quintessential Stanley hike.

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