Skiing Steamboat’s Champagne Powder Mega-Storms


  • Spending longer than I expected here.
  • Skiing the Steamboat mega-storm champagne powder.
  • Finding a lost child alone in the trees at Steamboat Ski Resort.

January 2023


Where In The World Was I?

  • Steamboat Springs, CO
  • ⛷️ Steamboat Ski Resort

Settling In…

So… I’ve been in Steamboat Springs the whole week. I wasn’t necessarily expecting that.

This town has been the best van life ski town I’ve found so far. It’s got everything and it’s all super close.

  • Quite friendly to van lifers/camping/free parking
  • Anytime Fitness (for working out and showers)
  • Coffee shop to work at with good wifi and outlets
  • Incredible ski resort just minutes away
  • All the errands-y-things
  • And views like this:

What more could you possibly ask for?

“Work” Updates

I’ve been grinding out at Beard & Braid – best coffee shop here, hands down.

If you ever come to Steamboat, definitely drop by. They’ve got freshly made baked goods (made in-house every morning by the owner) and it’s a popular spot for locals.

Some output updates:

  • Unlock Your Brain’s Potential: A Beginner’s Guide to Obsidian and Building a Second Brain
    • Published the blog post version. Supposed to be a video as well but we’ll get to that… eventually…
  • Sent out a mid-week newsletter for the Obsidian Guide post.
  • Outlined false beliefs to focus on for stories.
  • Fixed the bug in my website where my “Recent Photos” wouldn’t show.
  • Lots of business idea exploration and generation.
  • Posted drone photos.
  • Scheduled lots of content.

THE Storm.

Steamboat got hit (and is still getting hit) with a massive multi-day snow storm. Frankly, this photo is all you need to see 😅.

(Sunday morning, 1/29/23)

I skied on Wednesday as the storm started and got up the mountain pretty early. I had some unbelievable first dibs at the snow.

(7″ Wednesday)

Took a break on Thursday (another 5″), then hit it again on Friday.

(6″ Friday)

Took another half-day break, then hit it again on Saturday afternoon for leftovers.

(10″ Saturday)

It’s been incredible to say the least. There’s just no way to convey the pure excitement of finding and skiing knee-deep stashes of powder through text. My knees are definitely feelin’ it.

I said this last week:

… I’m pumped to ski during a pow day. This place would be legendary.

And can definitively say, yep, it sure is.

This whole experience has come up many times in my gratitude journaling this week. I’m living the life I was dreaming of a year ago and I’m so grateful for all of it. I’m grateful that I prioritized myself, my mental health, my physical health, and took that calculated leap to quit my job and pursue this.

A Wholesome Day

Saturday was just a very wholesome day. It started out with seeing Paul the snow remover guy again in the morning and ended with me helping a kid lost in the trees at Steamboat reunite with his dad.

Just, watch this video:

Final Thoughts

This week is definitely slotting into the memory-books.

All that said, I think there are some more adventures coming up 👀.


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