Life Audit – May 2022

Below is taken straight from my personal journal. This was an audit I did of my strengths, weaknesses, passions, interests, limiting factors, and where I was headed. I created this to help learn more about myself to help me find my purpose.

To be transparent, my intention for publishing this is to more effectively learn and grow from this to make me a better person. My hope is that you get some value out of seeing more of my true self.

I’m publishing this December 15th, 2022, but I’m setting the publish date to May 6th, 2022.

Started 5/6/2022

Goal: The goal of this document is to understand myself so that I can make more intentional and informed decisions moving forward.

Personality traits

Big 5 Personality Traits

  • Agreeableness (Typical)
    • Compassion (Moderately Low)
    • Politeness (Moderately High)
  • Conscientiousness (Moderately High)
    • Industriousness (Typical)
    • Orderliness (High)
  • Extraversion (Low)
    • Enthusiasm (Low)
    • Assertiveness (Typical)
  • Neuroticism (Moderately High)
    • Withdrawal (Moderately High)
    • Volatility (High)
  • Openness to Experience (Typical)
    • Intellect (Typical)
    • Openness (Moderately High)

INFJ Career Learnings

  • Communication is key
    • The teacher tendency
  • Some degree of independence
    • Doing projects on own, owning a business, freelancer
  • Organizing something
    • Data, information, patterns
  • Need to feel like you’re helping people
    • Extraverted feeling = wanting to make people happy, want to do it in abstract way, get into soul, get deeper, needs to be interaction with people


  • Not feeling accepted
    • People saying negative things about me
  • Perfectionism
    • Not being good enough, people not thinking highly of me
  • Individualism
    • Feeling resentful when not treated like an adult, independent
    • Dependence
    • Not asking for help when I need it, feeling like I can always do it myself
  • Changing my mind
    • Being inconsistent, growing, changing, being wrong
    • Being close minded (i.e. not changing my mind or being open to new ideas)
  • That no one would relate with me
    • Typically being reserved, not sharing my true self
  • Conflict avoidance
    • Being reserved, not sharing my true thoughts or self
    • Disagreeing with others, other people feeling negative emotion
  • Controlling
    • Not having control of situations, things not going my way
    • Think this could be related to having mistrust in others, thinking others aren’t able to do things “the certain way” that I envision. Thoughts of this from Laws of Human Nature, the question, look at how you operate under stress, that’s a more true depiction of your tendencies.
  • Resentment towards love
    • Feeling resentment towards love and affection, not feeling treated “fairly”

Core Values

  • Personal Growth
  • Independence
  • Impact

Passions and Interests

  • Journaling
    • Documenting my thoughts, ideas, questions, learnings
    • Self-awareness
  • Photography
    • Capturing the beauty of nature and the world
  • Exploring, novelty
    • Getting out in nature
    • Going to a new part of the metro area, a new coffee shop
  • Helping other people
    • Mentoring/coaching, helping people solve their personal goal problems
    • Deep conversations with people
  • Problem solving
    • Creating solutions, automating solutions to problems
  • Personal finance
    • Budgeting, tracking monthly finances, visualizing data

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Collecting information, absorbing information, organizing information, pattern recognition
  • Organization – physical, mental, informational
  • Communication, presenting information in such an effective way
  • Problem solving, coding
  • Getting good at playing “the game”
  • Self awareness, observation, being comfortable alone


  • Self-confidence
    • Being comfortable in more situations, getting comfortable being uncomfortable,
    • Making decisions that people don’t agree with, not letting others’ opinions affect me
    • Being chill, present, friendly, kind to others and in social situations
  • Persistence
    • Sticking with something until the end, not wanting to quit when in the valley of despair
  • Perfectionism
    • Accepting “good enough”
  • Emotional intelligence
    • More self-awareness, being more observant, more aware, and knowing how to respond effectively in emotional states
    • Taking emotion out of logical decisions
  • Opening up
    • Sharing more of my true self
  • Controlling
    • Letting other people (and people I love) make decisions that I don’t aggree with and still supporting them fully
    • Being okay with imperfections in other people and my partner

Where am I currently at with each?

  • Self-confidence
    • I feel like I’ve been getting better at this, but I still have awkward/anxious social interactions. I have tended to just keep conversations with strangers to the bare minimum. If I’m feeling a little more extroverted and say something else, typically the conversations still don’t amount to that much. I’d like to be able to connect with more people this way.
  • Persistence
    • I’ve had a tendency to jump around, to start something else without finishing the previous thing. Tracker was a good example of me getting better at this, but it still happens. My Twitter Brain started to die down, I haven’t synthesized in there in a while. I’ve heard many times that persistence and consistency is important for “success” so I’d like to get better at sticking to a thing, seeing it through. I think I’d just need more and continued conviction in why the thing is important to stay more consistent.
  • Perfection
    • I will say one other thing GitHub taught me is iteration and “ship to learn.” I’ve gotten a lot better at not being a perfectionist and doing things like just posting a photo even though I know I could spend longer to make it better.
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Emotions still play a big role in my decisions. I’d like to get better at separating them so that I can make more calculated and rational decisions. I’d also just like to get better at knowing myself more. I feel like I’m still quite unsure about what my unique value is that I can provide to the world.
  • Opening up
    • I’ve had a tendency to be very reserved, much more in the past than now. I’ve been getting better, but I still hold a lot in. I think part of this come from a fear of judgement from others, external validation, etc. I want to be able to be more open, honest, transparent with part of my life – at least with things that I think could be valuable for other people.

Limiting Factors

Things that I feel are limiting me right now:

  • My time
    • Working my 9-5 job
  • Comfort
    • My apartment being too comfortable
    • Not seeking enough discomfort and growth
  • Mindset
    • Limiting beliefs around making money, wealth, self-confidence
    • Being wrong, changing, growing away from my past self


What am I working on, experimenting with, looking to create, where am I headed, etc.

  • Creating value to society independently/individually
    • Making money online, not in a 9-5 job
  • Sharing my thoughts and ideas
  • Putting myself in more uncomfortable situations
    • Living on the road
  • Learning and growing
    • Exposing myself to different ideas, ways of life, etc.

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