Giving Yourself Space To Reset

Lately it feels like I’ve fallen into a slump. There hasn’t been any waking up early to get things done, a strict sleep schedule, being “productive,” learning, growing, pushing myself to my limits. Instead, there’s been late nights, videogames, lounging on the couch, YouTube, and getting back into watching Twitch livestreams, something I haven’t done in over a year.

The thought of this makes me somewhat uncomfortable. However, it makes me think. Is this because my own actions don’t match my true values, or because my own actions don’t match the values of what people push on social media? Be productive, wake up early, hustle, etc.

If I lived under a rock, would I still feel the same way?

In either case, I think it’s important to give yourself space sometimes to just exist and live, to reset. Break your habits so that you can create new ones. Break your patterns so you can find out what adds value to your life and what doesn’t.

“Balance,” as they say.

I saw this meme/video a while ago of a kid in school claiming that you could answer “it’s just about finding that balance” to just about any situation and it would sound appropriate. While it may have been funny to watch, I think there might be something sound to that…

Maybe this is all just my excuse for pursuing more instant gratification. But perhaps I’ll re-emerge on the other side of the valley stronger than I was before.

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