Best Things To Do In Salt Lake City, Utah

I just spent about a week exploring Salt Lake City. Here’s a summary of my travel notes.

The breakdown:


Connect Attractions Pass

Get the Connect Pass. It gets you into 17 attractions, 14 venues around Salt Lake. Each venue will cost you $20-$40 per admission, whereas a 24-hour Connect Pass is just $36 and gets you into everything.

Find out more here: The Salt Lake Connect Attractions Pass

Clark Planetarium

  • Free admission to planetarium, optional paid IMAX and Dome Theatre shows
  • Shows (ones I wanted to see):
    • Into Americas Wild 3D – beautiful scenery!
    • Destination Mars – didn’t watch
  • Tons and tons of space games and interactive exhibits
  • Paid shows are free with Connect Pass
  • Here’s their website

Snowbird Tram Ride

Gorgeous views! I went in the evening when the sun was started to get lower and it was beautiful!

  • Free with Connect Pass
  • Here’s their website

Natural History Museum of Utah

There’s SO much here to explore and learn. They have whole levels dedicated to: space, life & biology, geology of Utah, dinosaurs, and more. Oh and the views of the Great Salt Lake Basin are beautiful!

  • Free with Connect Pass
  • Here’s their website

Sunrise and Sunset

Ensign Peak, a must (pics are from March 2022). There’s a little (15-20min, 10min if you rush it) hike if you want to reach the tippy top of Ensign Peak, otherwise you can just walk to the viewpoint a little-ways up.

Other Fun Things To Do

Neighborhood Commercial Centers

Shopping malls, commercial centers, neighborhood community centers, whatever you want to call them. I always find them fun to walk around and explore!

  • City Creek Center
  • The Gateway
  • Trolley Square
  • 9th & 9th
  • Commons at Sugar House

Liberty Park

Second-largest park in Salt Lake City. Lots of space to walk, jog, rollerblade, or just chill.

Ice Cream

  • Spilled Milk Ice Cream and Cereal Bar (left)
  • normal® ice cream (right)

Farmer’s Markets

Every Saturday in the summer at Pioneer Park. More details on their website.

Aquatic Center

To cool off from the summer heat. Lap lanes and a water park/slide at Fairmont Aquatic Center for $4.

The “waterslide guy” apparently didn’t show up the day I went though, 😥.

Things To Do Next Time

Stuff I didn’t get to but was on my list to do next time.

Red Butte Garden

Botanical gardens next to the Natural History Museum.

  • Free with Connect Pass
  • Here’s their website

International Peace Gardens

Inside of Jordan Park on the west side of the city. Free admission.

More Ice Cream

There’s always time for more ice cream. I heard Koi D Bar was good but didn’t get to go.

Utah Olympic Park

Museum and adventure activities in Park City, UT.

  • Ropes course is free with Connect Pass
  • Here’s their website

Salt Lake Brewery Pass

A one-time fee that gets you a $5 credit at each of 14 different breweries and brewpubs over a set time period (so a maximum $5×14=$70 value)


I was looking at

Thanksgiving Point

  • Museum of Natural Curiosity
  • Thanksgiving Point Ashton Gardens
  • Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life

All part of the Connect Pass

Other Activities

  • Rock climbing
  • Browsing art galleries


If you want to get official, here’s a link to the Official Salt Lake Visitors Guide:

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