Peaceful Camping in Carson National Forest

How was no one else here?? I saw maybe 4 or 5 other people…

Getting There

I came in via Highway 84 north and turned right onto Forest Road 125 at the bend just south of Cebolla. The road is packed dirt, not too bad, until the junction with 124 where it looked like it was previously muddy with some deeper tire tracks (but dry when I arrived).


I just stumbled across this spot. Driving down the dirt road, I saw a little path to the left and decided to turn in. There was a fire pit near the entrance, but then it continued into this somewhat open field. Then past the field the path turned back into more trees. After some technical maneuvering of my van around some higher rocks, the path uncovered a beautifully secluded, open, level site. I could just barely hear the occasional car on the forest road.

AND IT HAD CELL SIGNAL! What a beautiful thing.

Other Thoughts

I stayed here for 4 “days,” 3 nights (arrived Tuesday evening, Wed, Thurs, left Friday). This was the longest I’ve been off grid so far. I mean, I haven’t exactly been trying to stay a while, but I did run out of my 2gal filtered drinking water jug. My previous campsites did not have cell signal, so it was a nice change of pace to be able to get some things done on my laptop and still communicate with my family while “off-grid” (is it off-grid if you have cell signal? 🤔).

Check out my journal entry for some other less-travel-related thoughts.


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