The Week I Drove Oregon’s Pacific Coast Highway


  • Coffee, boba, and food – my faves
  • Adding structure to my (second) brain
  • Highlights from driving Oregon’s Pacific Coast Highway
  • Meditating at one of the most beautiful places

September 2022


Where In The World Was I?

  • Portland, OR
  • Pacific Coast Highway (Oregon)

Back to 📍Portland

I dropped back by Portland for a couple days of errands and chillin’ before the next leg of the trip 👀 You can probably guess what’s next since Portland is on the way.

Coffee Shops

  • Symposium Coffee – the place where I booked my oil change
  • Ava Roasteria – the place where I looked into structure ideas for my second brain
  • Coava Coffee Roasters – the place where I added a TON of structure to my second brain


After a week in the forest, BOY was that first sip good. I was looking forward to that.

  • Sharetea – the place where I went with the “underrated” boba
  • Royaltea – the place where I watched in disbelief as my milk boba was made with just Kirkland brand whole milk and half-and-half… 😧 I thought it was more complicated than that 😅


  • Hero Sushi & Sake Bar – the place with the fried lobster sushi; WOW that was good
  • Grassa – the place with the BBQ mac pasta 😍

Journal Updates

I’ve been wrestling with a bunch of ideas around being able to produce more “static” content within my journal, to be able to synthesize ideas together with more structure. In essence this a scaling issue. I’ve been just blasting content into my journal for two years with little higher-level structure. There’s really no good way to be able to collect and synthesize ideas and concepts together (i.e. structure) into something useful.

I went down a rabbit hole of looking into adding a folder structure to my Obsidian vault, but then I reread this article about layers of structure from, A Tale of Complexity – Structural Layers in Note Taking. It’s almost like someone else has already encountered this scaling issue… duh, lol.

The key concept I took away was making use of “hub” notes – centralized notes that link out to others, like the hub and spokes in a bike wheel. So, I spent a good 4-5 hours just grinding away at adding a bunch of these hub notes. This is the result (the hub notes are the bright white ones):

It’s hard to see much of a difference in the graph view, but having a hierarchy through notes makes a big difference.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Zettelkasten method, I’d recommend starting here: It’s changed my life.

Van Preventative Maintenance ✅

Everybody loves preventative maintenance

Not Just Any Walk In The Park

For some reason this walk just felt different. The sun was out, the weather was just spectacular, people were out and about. I just felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude and happiness just strolling around the park. Life is good 🙂

Driving The Pacific Coast Highway

A bucket-list item. Here are some highlights so far

Cannon Beach

Tillamook Creamery

Like THE Tillamook… The ice cream was incredible.

Newport Farmers Market

One of those U-turn stops 😅. Picked up some fresh fruit and produce. It’s amazing how much of a difference fresh/local makes in the flavor…

The Pacific Coast From Above

My First-Ever Full Rainbow

The absolute VIBRANCE of this rainbow(s) was incredible. A double rainbow peeked out for a bit.

Meditation At Sunset

What an incredible place to meditate. I just felt so grateful to be there.

Driving, driving, driving

Just a reality check, between all those 👆 is a LOT of driving, mostly just boring, but occasionally you get out to the coast and it’s a bit more interesting. Driving for hooours has been quite tiring!

It’s all worth it though. I’m feel incredibly grateful to be out here. I swear the pacific coast changes you…

What’s next?

I’m currently in 📍Brookings, OR (southwestern corner of the state). By next weekend we should get into some redwood forests 😍👀


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  1. You are really getting into a groove with these updates. Your photos are OMGOSH spectacular. And we love the coffee/fave drink reviews. (PCH in a convertible at sunset is still on my BL. Thanks for keeping my dream alive.) Drive Safely. 😊

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