What Do Fish Have To Do With Mental Health?


  • What do fish have to do with mental health?
  • Don’t ask how many days it’s been since I took a shower.
  • More incredible fall colors in the Sierras
  • A super productive scratch-the-work-itch week

October 2022


Where In The World Was I?

  • Bishop, CA
  • Mammoth, CA
  • Lake Tahoe, CA

Scratching The Itch

After quite a lot of time exploring and in nature, I was starting to crave getting back behind the keyboard and working in a coffee shop, catching up on things, going through photos, etc.

That’s pretty much exactly what this week turned out to be.

Bishop Work Sessions

  • Sunday – Looney Bean (Bishop)
  • Monday – Black Sheep Espresso Bar

Non-work pics:

A Looooong Hiking Day

After a couple days in Bishop, I headed north up the Sierras, in search of some more fall colors.

Rock Creek

I hiked up to Gem Lake. I went into this one with a little more knowledge than last week’s Big Pine Canyon hike 😅 Stunning colors!

While up at gem lake I just sat there, ate some snacks, and watched the fish swim around in the incredibly clear water. I noticed a huge grin on my face as I sat there. There was something about watching these little fish swim around and dart up to the surface to catch bugs that was just so fun and exciting.

It made me think a lot about improvements I’ve made to my mental health. It’s hard for me to say I’d have enjoyed watching fish so much months/years before, but I’ve started to notice more often that little things like this just seem to feel so much more rewarding and enjoyable.

There’s a section of Hamza’s mental health guide on nature and adventure where I felt this moment was EXACTLY what he was talking about.

We humans are supposed to be in awe of the natural beauty around us, to be curious and adventurous, to appreciate that one tree, to pick up a leaf off the ground and really look at it.

McGee Creek

On my hike in Rock Creek one of the people I crossed paths with noticed my camera and suggested visiting McGee Creek, just a little up the Sierras, for some more fall colors. (Side note, I bumped into and chatted with SO many people on that hike that were so incredibly friendly and kind! Everyone just seemed so upbeat and happy.) So, that same afternoon, I headed up to check things out.

The colors up the canyon were incredible. I imagine coming back mid-morning when that whole canyon is lit up with sunlight would be breathtaking. This one’s definitely a gem to come back to.

Mammoth Work Sessions

  • Wednesday – Black Velvet Coffee
  • Thursday – Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co.
  • Friday – Looney Bean (Mammoth)
  • Saturday – Looney Bean (Mammoth)

(And I often spent a couple hours in the afternoon at the library reading, catching up on my budget, planning winter travels, and other less-demanding activities)

Non-work pics:

In Mammoth there was National Forest (i.e. free camping) literally 10 minutes away from town, almost unheard of, it was so nice. Bishop was actually pretty similar. That’s pretty much my ideal for urban van life, I don’t think it can really get much better than that.

The Week’s Work Output

I also filled out my home page with a bit more content. In doing so I wanted to capture some snippets of my travels/life/personality in some of the numerous video clips I have from my phone. The intention was just throwing a couple video clips up, but it morphed into a little video. This was the result:

… and I posted like a BAJILLION photos (39 photos, 23 posts, and 6 new portfolio photos, but who’s counting 🤪)

I hadn’t showered in HOW many days?

10. 10 days 😅

But don’t be alarmed. I finally took a shower in Mammoth on Thursday.

“Best shower I’ve ever had” 😂

Typically I go to Anytime Fitness but there have been none since Fresno… Also, I just kept getting wrapped up in wanting to immediately get into a coffee shop every morning. Every night I use wet wipes which work decently well, but there’s only so long you can go before it becomes a priority, LOL.

At the same time… I don’t think I need to go a full 10 days, but ever since hitting the road, there’s something about not having immediate access to a shower every night that has just made me really appreciate when I do have one. Like those fish, it’s the little things.

Off to Lake Tahoe

Saturday afternoon/evening I drove the couple hours up to South Lake Tahoe and man, this place is magical.

(hopefully I’ll have actual pics of the lake by next week, lol)

What’s Next?

Tahoe was my final stop of the road trip I envisioned, so next week I may be in an entirely different state! I have some things I need to get done before ⛷


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