The Week I Left My Family In Santa Fe, New Mexico


  • Leaving Santa Fe and heading north
  • Skiing double blacks in New Mexico??
  • Getting over my excuse for not exercising

January 2023


Where In The World Was I?

  • Santa Fe, NM
  • Taos, NM
  • ⛷️ Taos Ski Valley
  • 🚐 Monument, CO
  • Denver, CO

Leaving Santa Fe

Well, not quite. I stopped at Iconik Coffee Roasters to get a lil’ work session in before heading north. I also stopped at the gym on my way north.

If you ventured to the very bottom of the last Life Update post, you’ll know that I was in a pretty dopamine-friend state and my mental health was pretty trash. My main focus this past week has been fix my mental health, quit the old habits I picked up, and get back into my routine of good habits.

If you want a peek, watch this:

As of writing this, I feel like we’re back in business which feels so good to say 💪

Taos Is Beautiful!

I forgot how beautiful Taos is! It’s this flat plain with a HUGE gorge (the Rio Grande river) cutting through the plains next to these towering mountains. So unique and the sunrise/sunset colors are legendary.

Skiing Taos Ski Valley

Man, I’ve been waiting 6 MONTHS to take this exact side-by-side picture and it’s finally here!

Who knew there were gnarly mountains to ski in New Mexico!?

Taos has lots of groomers – beginner and intermediate terrain. HOWEVER, there’s also some gnarly stuff! On my second day I made the hike up Highline Ridge to ski some double blacks. This was my first-ever hike-to terrain. I was a bit nervous at first but I stepped up to the plate and made it!

That day was super fun and I really built up my confidence and technique skiing steeper and more bumpy terrain. The progress feels great.

Taos ☕️

I worked at The Coffee Apothecary twice while there – nice vibes, coffee, a seat, and an outlet to use. All I need.

It felt great to get back into focus mode. I started scripting/outlining some video ideas.

I ALSO started using ChatGPT as my right-hand-man to help with this. Wow. Just wow. This changes everything.

I will NOT get left behind in the A.I. revolution.

I’m excited to develop with this technology and utilize it.

The “But There’s No Gym Here” Excuse

I went on a run for the first time in probably months.

I keep falling into this ideology that I need a gym to exercise, when I have two legs and running shoes.

This was a monumental day, especially given my struggle with motivation. I hope this sets a precedent for my future self.

Back To Denver

Big plans coming up so I headed back to Denver and got some errands done, nothing special.

Feels good to get back in the gym I frequent though 💪🏋️


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