The Week I Skied The World-Famous Alta and Snowbird


  • The most UNBELIEVABLE breakfast sandwich I’ll ever have.
  • Skiing the world-famous Snowbird and Alta.
  • Yes! This improvement is going in the right direction!

February 2023


Where In The World Was I?

  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Sandy, UT
  • ⛷️ Snowbird
  • ⛷️ Alta
  • Salt Lake City, UT

Inputs -> ☕️ 💻

  • The Bean Yard
  • The Honeysuckle Coffee Co. (x2) (Sandy)
  • Publik Coffee Roasters – (love this place!)
  • The Honeysuckle Coffee Co. (SLC)

Outputs -> ✏️ 🎥

⛷️ Snowbird Pow Day

11″ reported in the past 24 hours… I could feel the powder panic in the air.

It was my first day at Snowbird, so I tried to take it easy, as this mountain is freakin’ gnarly.

Unfortunately the weather was pretty rough… no vis (like, at all…) and whipping wind. The sun started to poke out here and there towards the end of the day which was a nice consolation 😅

There was a decent amount of frustration that day. I definitely don’t want to understate that. I continue to have issues with backseating too much, my boots flexing too much, and too many false positive ejections from my bindings.

We’re still learning… I think all of those are just a signs that we’re progressing towards terrain and difficulties that are at and above my abilities. I am progressing.

But all that aside, I had some incredible pow turns that day. Knee deep, fluffy goodness. I’m grateful to be out there skiing and to be exploring a new mountain.

⛷️ Alta Bluebird Day

Okay THIS day was pretty awesome.

2″ of freshies reported, a bit chilly in the morning, but not a cloud in the sky!

This was also my first day at Alta (right next to/connected to Snowbird).

The weather and conditions turned out just perfect towards mid-morning and the afternoon. With some freshies over night, there was still quite a lot of untracked snow during the day, and it wasn’t too crowded!

I found my way across the High Traverse into Greeley Bowl and was literally blown away at the turns over there. I had some of the best powder turns of my LIFE out there…

The turns were so good… that I tweaked my hip on one of those turns 😅😬. Nothing awful, but it was pretty sensitive towards the inside or outside. I had a bit of difficulties getting the rest of the way down, but I took a nice long lunch break and it started to settle down.

Nothing a bit of rest won’t fix right up.

I ended the day pushing the comfort zone a bit as I traversed my way further along the High Traverse ridge.

I decided on Alf’s High Rustler, which I saw a couple others go down.

The entrance wasn’t as bad as others, just some careful side stepping.

The rest of the run was quite decent – some patches of soft snow, some patches of really hard packed snow.

I don’t think this was my steepest run yet, but it’s definitely up there (39º max).

Walkability Improvements. YES!

I drove through this area one morning and it piqued my interest so I decided to head back in the afternoon to check it out.

I ended up walking around for over 2 miles and 2 hours, just exploring and wandering.

This DailyV is a great summary of my thoughts.

I stopped by Central 9th Market which I had bookmarked on Google Maps.

Some people outside were eating what looked like very delicious sandwiches, so I decided to stop inside.

I caved and got an UNBELIEVABLE breakfast sandwich at what I thought was a fairly reasonable price ($12).

Fresh, soft, chewy focaccia bread with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, cheese, and sauce. I don’t think I’ll ever top this in my lifetime… It was incredible.

I could eat there every single day (and gain a bajillion pounds in the process). All the foods they get are high quality and fresh. Good stuff.

I then walked over a couple blocks to a food hall to check it out.

Then on my way back I passed by a cookie shop with a line out the door… Naturally I poked my head inside and decided, why not 😄

All of this stemmed from this one improvement to the area. I was looking at Google Maps Street View and only a couple months ago, this area was a typical U.S. “stroad,” totally unfriendly to pedestrians and very un-walkable.


The city (I don’t know the background of the project) decided to put a sidewalk down the center, angle parking, tighten the road, and widen the sidewalks and grass areas. TOTALLY more friendly to walking around.

I’ve mostly given up hope on “very” walkable areas of the U.S., but this does give me hope. I saw a lot of developments and construction going on around Salt Lake City. If this single improvement is any indicator of the future, SLC is going in a great direction!

These 2 YouTube channels have fantastic information on all this – walkability, pedestrian friendly cities, improvements, current problems, solutions, research, data, etc.


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