Celebrating A Year Of Memories

This Week:

  • My last 365 days of travel (in photos).
  • A peak into my journaling this week on my life’s direction.
  • Visualizing the little moments of life.

April 2023


Where In The World Was I?

  • Denver, CO

One More Year Around The Sun

Yep, I officially survived one more revolution around the sun floating on this big rock.

I found myself back at Wash Perk. Normally that’s a pretty normal occurrence, but this time, it was particularly special.

Special because exactly one year ago, I sat in the same coffee shop, in the same seat, with the same van parked outside.



I remember mentioning this when I made it back to Denver in October 2022, but there’s something interesting about coming back to a place after some time, growth, and experiences. I can’t quite put it to words.

Anyways, I did what I did 365 days ago and reflected on the past year of travels, experiences, and life-changing decisions.

It’s been a wild ride and I’m so glad I made that decision to pursue what was calling me.

The rest of the day?

I grabbed a lunch at Edgewater Public Market.

Over the next couple days, the celebration more or less continued. I received a package of homemade food from my parents.

And another night went out for sushi and ice cream.

It was a nice change of pace from my typical rotation of meals (and Chipotle 😅)

Coffee Shops

  • Griffin Coffee x2 – the one where I walked Sloan’s Lake
  • Wash Perk – the day of reflection
  • Stylus & Crate – the one where the room was filled with belgian waffle smoke and was literally smelling waffles hours later at the gym
  • Brew Culture Coffee – the one where I met John
  • Frank & Roze – the one where I always get Cava after

I spent last Sunday and Monday more slowly, which helped rejuvenate, but it’s been quite the grind the past two weeks and I’m grateful for it. I’m grateful because I get to wake up and continue to build a life I’m excited about.

If I’ve learned one thing from the past year, “Progress towards a valued goal = Happiness”

Business Progress

Last week we had just started collecting formats, explanations, and examples of the ~2500 tweets from ChatGPT.

This week we’ve gone through a ton of the outputs and started categorizing them.

The biggest challenge has been figuring out how to take the information that we have and align it in a way that’s actionable and useful for others.

We’re trying to go from:

and create something like:

I’ve been excited about what we’ve created. I finally feel like we’ve landed upon something that we could charge money for and this offer is just supposed to be a stepping stone to the next one.

More to come soon.

Life’s Small Moments

I struck up this conversation with a Barista named John at Brew Culture Coffee. It was a nice experience!

Despite a rough night of sleep, I felt quite good in the moment, continuing the conversation and asking questions to him as well. Another vote for the “Social Hooks Hypothesis.”

Sometimes I struggle to get myself out of the van and on a walk, but man, every time I do it’s so worth it.

A Peak Into My Journal

4/24/23 How am I feeling about [my current direction]?

Good man, I believe I made the right decision to quit my job at that time and travel. This past year has had so much growth and just so many memories and experiences.

I also feel like I’m on the right track towards finding fulfilling work, finding meaning in where I spend my time, and financial success.

The biggest things holding me back? Money. […] I think I just need time for things to develop. I’ve already gotten a taste of things making my first $6 (via donations) from this first offer we put together.


I feel like I’m spending my time way more intentionally in the past year. Even just the pursuit of creating something myself, something valuable, something that can help people, etc. has been fulfilling. And finding fulfillment was one of the biggest things driving me out of my previous apartment life.

On Sunday (today) I spent most of the morning fitting together a new little feature to my website, hidden content.

The idea behind it is to get in the habit of sharing more things that I feel uncomfortable sharing, but without the discomfort and awkwardness of having you read it. Maybe once enough time passes, I’ll unlock these little sections.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping this is the first step towards being more open.

Lock Icon This content is not ready to be made public yet.

My New Obsession

Okay maybe not obsession, but I’ve been really interested by this guy.

It wasn’t until I watch this ^ video and heard him say that he publishes his whole routine, all his recipes, and all his data publicly, for free, that my eyebrows perked up.

I haven’t made any changes yet, but I’m really interested in what he’s learned and thinking about incorporating some of his learnings into my own life.

Other Week’s Progress

Unlock Icon This content was originally hidden upon publishing.

4Runner Progress Update

The main focus lately has really been all around selling the 4Runner. It might not seem like it because I’m still spending my mornings and afternoons in my usual routines, but this is really the next action that needs to be completed before it kicks off all the next items: planning for backpacking.

I had already made the decision in my mind, but this week I went through the exercise of pros/cons and just documenting the decision.

It just doesn’t make any sense to keep it. That said, I’m feeling a lot of anxiety and just fear of going through this process. I think I’m most anxious about the negotiation because man f- that haha, negotiating is hard!

I kicked off the maintenance process with new tires and windshield wipers. Progress!

We Made It

Well since I didn’t get anything done this morning (lol) I’m just finishing up this post at 8:30pm… I need to go find a place to park for the night!

See ya next week.



  1. Your Color Coach

    I love your Life Updates! Nice photo montage from the past year. Amazing journey — you’re an inspiration.

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