Making My First $1 Online

This Week:

  • We made our first $1 online!
  • I finally left Utah to head back to this city.
  • And yep, it’s now officially OVER…

April 2023


Where In The World Was I?

  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • 🚐 Vernal, UT
  • Denver, CO

🌸 Feels Like Spring

The weather fairly suddenly turned warm and ohhhh myyyy gosh was it nice.

EVERYBODY was out on Sunday at Sugar House Park walking, running, biking, and picnicking.

That feeling of the warmth and sun beating down from above, seeing the green grass and kids playing, hearing the birds chirping, and smelling those wafts of charred burgers from people grilling


I broke out the shorts for the first time since fall.

I had another craving for a Breakfast Sando from Central 9th Market and yep, it delivered once again.

The weather just got so good that I decided to do my first shirtless park run in a looong time. A little spike of adrenaline 🤪

That feels like the true marker of spring.

Other daily SLC life:

Salt Lake Coffee Espresso

Coffee shops this week:

  • Urban Sailor (x2)
  • Publik
  • Salt Lake Roasting Co.
  • Sugarhouse Coffee

More on the exciting work updates below.

Definitely gonna miss Salt Lake City. It’s crazy to think I was there off/on for ~2 months this winter.

The access to ski resorts from being in the city is just unmatched to Denver and it’s got pretty much everything I need. (except the Sandy Anytime Fitness closed which is such a bummer… 😢)

🚐 Heading East

I decided it was finally time to head back to Denver.

Ski season seems to be wrapped up. There are still some smaller storms rolling through, but temps are warmer so I don’t think we’re gonna get any more mega pow days.



I listened to some podcasts from Andrew Huberman, Hamza, and Nathaniel Drew, as well as did some driving in silence (more like “focused,” lookin’ at you I70 through Colorado 👀 😳)

It’s Over…

Yep. It’s officially over. I returned my skis.

This chapter has officially closed and I’m just filled with gratitude.

This winter was awesome. Sure, I didn’t hit every ski resort I could’ve gone to, but that wasn’t the top priority. The top priority was living a sustainable life, skiing, and really just making it through winter van life.

I have some incredible ski memories to take with me. I went from Denver to Santa Fe to Steamboat Springs to Salt Lake City to Mammoth Lakes to Lake Tahoe to Salt Lake City then back to Denver.

I’ll definitely be doing more reflecting in the coming weeks.

I’m Now A Digital Nomad?

Last week I said we made “another strategy pivot to finish content strategy PDF before moving to next resource creation.”

This week, we did it.

We pushed pretty hard to craft and edit the content strategy PDF guide. There were a lot of hours put in to ensure the outline of the guide, the contents, formatting, and copy was all as valuable as we could get it.

I created some image assets for the header page and linked together a landing page and Gumroad page to host it with AWS.

It was a lot of pushing and pushing this week to just get it wrapped up and out the door. Big shoutout to my brother for helping get it finished.

It feels really good to have a thing, a tangible, concrete thing that we’ve created that we can point to.

And we’ve gotten some good feedback in the few days it’s been out (more than I was expecting!) and even received our first dollars!

I guess my goal to make $1 online has officially been achieved 😳

What’s next?

I’m gonna continue to market it while we work in parallel on the next offer/direction: ghostwriting.

I feel like I’ve gotten my first “hit” of the drug of making money online/business/digital nomad-ism. This PDF isn’t even supposed to be the final product. It’s just supposed to act as a way to validate how badly people want a solution to this problem.

But man, creating scalable assets that can print money in your sleep is quite the dream… And that dream is just a little bit closer to becoming a reality.

Back In Denver

For now, it’s taxes, taxes, taxes (and walks in the park).

Once those are finished, I’ve got some exciting things coming up. More to come soon.

Thanks for reading.



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