I’ve Taken On A New Project

I’ve taken on a new project. I call it my “Twitter Brain”

For some “Twitter Brain” might bring a negative conotation, but to me, this will be an incredibly valuable asset I leverage in my journey of personal development and learning. Let me explain…

Here’s the idea: There are lots of people on Twitter sharing incredibly valuable ideas and content (business, creating content, personal development, living life, etc. – stuff I’m interested in). Many times different people tweet about similar ideas. If multiple people come to the same conclusion, there’s a marginally higher probability that idea has some weight/truth to it.

Thesis: If I can synthesize and connect more ideas together to find out what ideas come up multiple times, I can learn a whole lot more and simultaneously decrease the time spent learning these things through experience.

I’ll be posting more about this in the future and make it more accessible to others, but for now you can see it all here: https://github.com/petermeglis/twitter-brain.

Learning is a lifelong journey. I’m sure this individual project will develop and change, but I believe this specific project has a large potential upside in the journey of learning.

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