How Do You Remember Your Life?

How do you remember your life? Do you capture memories or thoughts to help your future self relive memories? What makes a memory worth keeping? How do you balance capturing a memory with being in the present?

These are some things I’ve been thinking a lot more about lately.

What can I do to help my future self relive the memories that I’m creating today? Sure, I have a slew of random photos inside Google Photos, but it’s almost sensory overload looking back through there… Alongside the incredible week I spent in the Tetons (a memory I will always cherish) lives a picture of my car’s owner’s manual and of a bottle of sunscreen. Lol! Do I still need the latter photos… probably not 😀

I’ve always found joy and smiles reading my old journal entries, reliving those days, or scrolling back through my photos. I’ve envisioned doing this more and more as I get older. There I am, 80 years old, sitting in my rocking chair smiling (and probably tearing up) as the sights, smells, and emotions all come back to me as I relive the little moments and all of the new experiences I had.

Maybe there are little things I can do today to help future Peter have more smiles and shed more tears looking back on the memories I’m creating today, tomorrow, and the next day.

Are you doing anything to help remember your life in the future? Are you looking back on your memories now? Have you found anything that works well for you?

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