Exploring Seattle Through Amazing Food

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Coffee Shops

Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe

Armistice Coffee Roosevelt

Really really cool vibe. There’s seating technically outside but covered “inside” the building.

Broadcast Coffee/Temple Pastries

Espresso Vivace

Queen Anne Coffee Co.

Retreat Cafe

I loved the vibe here.

Victrola Coffee and Art

Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Company

Nomad Workplaces

By the way, you can (for free) check out all the places across the country I find to work at on my Nomad Workspaces page complete with my analysis of how well-suited they are to work at.

Restaurants / Food

Aviv Hummus Bar

Israeli; perfectly balanced, warm, falafel sandwich

Ba Bar

Vietnamese; fresh and light vermicelli noodles (I just wish the dish had more food though)

Big Max Burger Co

The french fries were surprisingly good! The burger was really different, maybe some people would be into it but wasn’t really my vibe. The falafel burger and smoothly were quite good.

Burb’s Burgers

Surprisingly affordable for the quality. The nuggs were crispy


Drive-in; I’m gonna honest… The shake was decent, fish was decent. The burger and fries were nothing to write home about. The drive-in vibe was cool though, but my van didn’t fit so I felt left out lol 😥

Ceres Roasting Company

Warm donuts and a smoothie; a perfect snack after walking many miles

Due Cucina Italiana

Casual-vibe/Quick-service Italian with handmade pasta; so good I went twice

Harbor City Restaurant

Chinese; delicious dim sum, we went all out

MedMix Jackson

Mediterranean; falafel sandwich with satisfying CRISPY french fries

Pasta Casalinga

Rotating local pasta dishes; very good

Pike Place Chowder

Chowder; THICC seafood bisque in a delicious bread bowl. Worth the wait.

Rocket Taco

Mexican; got tacos one time and a burrito another

Tacos Chukis

Affordable quick Mexican food

Thai Siam Restaurant

Thai; Classic and delicious. The mango sticky rice was a perfect finish.

Ice Cream

Hello Robin

Ice cream sandwiched between warm cookies. Do I need to say anything else?

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream

A warm brownie sundae, pricey but delicious.



I subbed for oat milk and it was meh – too watery, but ya know, now I know

BobaLust Tea House

I went to the one in Tukwila, south of Seattle. Very classic, very good.

Don’t Yell At Me

I took a chance on the Osmanthus Jasmine Tea and it was worth

R&B Tea

A classic, delicious, milk tea with boba


Something black sugar boba something, it was delicious

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