The Last Straw Holding Me On Instagram

Here’s the dealio.

I think getting off Instagram entirely is the best decision for my mental health (and life in general).

I already don’t use it much anymore, thankfully. However, I still post half-assingly on my photography page every once in a while. I’ve typically batched numerous posts every couple of weeks. I haven’t posted on my personal page in over 2 years, that’s pretty much done for. I log on occasionally to check peoples’ stories and such, but that’s about it.

What’s pushing me off Instagram?

Not using it much anymore, fortunately. When I did use it more, as a consumer, it led me to some dark places. I would scroll for hours, feeling like I’m just wasting my life away in exchange for a couple chuckles and giggles of entertainment.

It’s getting to a point where a life without Instagram might actually be worth the “trade-offs” of not having it.

What’s keeping me on Instagram?

It mostly comes down to my photography page. Instagram feels like the only creative outlet I have for my photos. I don’t have anywhere else to put them… yet. I also really like the idea of creating a timeline, or record, of photos that you have to look back on. I’ve enjoyed and felt pride in looking back at my grid of photos and seeing where I’ve been, the photos I’ve taken, and how different styles have emerged.

As for like and followers, having 100 followers and getting between 5 and 20 likes on posts is nice and all but it’s not enough validation for me to feel attached to Instagram, fortunately. A fear I have though, is that I grow to say, 1000 followers, and enter a situation where I feel like I can’t leave Instagram because of my following. Followers creates a stickiness to the platform.

The upside to social media (in general) is organic growth. Unfortunately though, I’m not really into short form video right now which is what Instagram seems to be pushing, so I don’t really have many hopes for growth.

The Criteria

I need another platform where I could…

  • Post my photos as a creative outlet
  • Create a timeline/record of photos to look back on over the years
  • Is not degrading to my mental health

So, what platform fits that criteria?

The Solution

My website. I’m just gonna build it on my website, lol.

The biggest downside I see here is that I just won’t get the organic reach and growth that social media helps you with. However, I think I’m willing to take that trade-off right now. I think I’d rather build something that I’m proud of and that I can get consistent with before worrying about creating community and a following.

So stay tuned for some updates to the photography side of my website.

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