Chill Van Life In Denver


  • The life path emerges!
  • What a chill van life day is like
  • Spending a majority of my week at this place in Denver
  • Finally, yep, it’s true. I’m done.

November 2022


Where In The World Was I?

  • Denver, CO

The LAST Project Update

Yep. It’s true.

  • [Done]
    • Previously done: roof vent insulation, powder cords/leashes, voltage drop reconnection, resewing my blackout curtains, sewing black over the front side window covers
    • Newly done: Roof rust spots, front windshield cover, water tank heater pad, back window covers, battery heater pad.

Roof rust before/after:

MAN does it feel good to be done! 😌💪 The todo-list is pretty much empty now, what a relief.


  • Wash Perk – the Life Update/Newsletter place and the insight about about mindset, emotions, and rationality
  • Queen City Collective Coffee (x2) – the deep-cutting journaling about focuses and insecurities; also, the place I brainstormed skills to learn
  • 2914 Coffee – the beginning of the iced americano journey
  • Brew Culture Coffee – the place I finished Laws of Human Nature notes and brainstorming problems I’ve already solved
  • Griffin Coffee – the place I started learning new valuable skills

A Chill Day

I took a chill day on Friday to slow down, meditate, read, and work out.

I made some oatmeal (pictured below) to add some extra calories instead of my usual intermittent fasting.

I meditated twice, once in the morning and once before bed. I find it quite interesting how much more difficult it is to meditate right before bed. My mind is just racing so much more than in the mornings. Reigning the focus back to the present is quite a challenge.

I also started reading The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco and absolutely tore through it, ~140 pages, which is crazy for me. I’m trying to absorb as much as possible the mindset shifts I need to make. More insights and learnings to come soon.

After lunch, I went for a nice walk around the lake. Such a beautiful place.

I went to the gym after my walk. I find it quite funny how in last week’s post Life Update November 6th, 2022 I noted how I was getting consistent and momentum going to the gym, but this week I literally only went once 😅 Most of my afternoons/evenings were focused on getting these projects done. Truthfully, I was prioritizing project work over working out. That said, now that everything’s done, the afternoons have freed up again.

Some Food From The Week

The pizza is BACK, baby 💪

(Van) Life Pics of Denver Sloan’s Lake

I spent quite a lot of time at Sloan’s Lake (and the library 😅) this week. Mostly because it’s close to the library, but it’s also just a beautiful place!

What’s Next?

You can expect some new and exciting things in next week’s post, stay tuned 😏😏😏 Here’s a hint:


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