The Week I Finally Finished My Van Renovation!

This Week:

  • Finishing my van renovation! The full reveal!
  • All the little details I’ve been working on this week.
  • What’s next!

June 2024

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Where In The World Was I?

  • 🇺🇸 Acton, Massachusetts

Metrics From The Week

May 2024 Whoop Rankings (Men 20-30; 104.7k members):

  • Day Strain: 11.5, 26,953rd, top 25.7% (11.4 community-wide average)
  • Recovery: 57%, 32,770th, top 31.3% (60% community-wide average)
  • Sleep: 81%, 13,241st, top 12.6% (74% community-wide average)

Business Progress Update

No updates since last week.

Van Renovation Update

So we left off last week with this table that needed some kind of fix…

Well when I went back to Lowe’s, I checked out the plywood section again and decided to try buying a thicker piece (3/4″ versus this 1/2″) just in case the polyurethane stripper idea didn’t work out.

But when I got back I realized this thicker plywood feels WAY more sturdy than the 1/2″… so we cut our losses, scrapped the 1/2″ plywood, and started over.

While the table was drying between coats of stain and poly (I think I got up to 4 coats poly on the bottom side, 5 or 6 on the top), I got to a bunch of other little tasks…

I took out the old visible yellow pieces of wood in the back and painted them brown.

And added some foam padding to the electrical raceway so that I don’t take chunks of skin off when I inevitably kick this with my shins 😅

And seasoned my counter tops.

And my cutting boards and cast iron pans.

Fixed some paint chips.

And with the help of my mom had the idea for some fold out step shelves. We ordered some fold out shelf brackets off Amazon.

Installed a new under sink water filter system.

Cut and glued down the trim for the edge of the countertops.

Tested out a Vitamix off of my van’s (house) battery and inverter! It worked!

My parents wanted me to get one, but I haven’t quite decided that it’s worth it yet. We’ll see. It IS however cool to know that I can power it!

And got a haircut!

Then FINALLY finished the table, put on the cleat, and added the final straps for the table leg!

The Final Reveal

So! Drum roll pleaseeeeeeee. The final reveal!


Here are some of my before pictures (I never took any proper before pictures because this all started with the idea for how I could fit a Vitamix in my van. I just wanted to unscrew the plywood bed platform to see what it’d be like. Well, one month later and I have a completely renovated bed/table system and no Vitamix 😂)

(those last 2 photos are from the previous owner’s listing)


WOW it feels good to be finished! I had no idea it would take this long, but I think I’m glad I did it. I AM proud of all the knowledge I gained from this. Gosh it’s cool to have been able to do this.

Time to give it a spin!

Food From The Week

My dad has been cooking up a storm. Sourdough pancakes, mango ginger smoothies, sourdough cookies, cheesy crackers, roasted cashews, french fries, you name it.

What’s Next?

Well, just like that, I packed up my van today (Sunday) and headed off, but more on those details next Sunday.


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